Friday, October 21, 2005

Dreamscape 2

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dream Moth 3 with Swirls

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Deam Moth Revisted

Dream Moth Revisted, by Mary Stebbins. This is an inversion and adjustment of the previous moth picture.
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FIVE Dreams!

Hi Bea, I had a very restless night last night. I feel a little sick, sore throat, congestion, just a little unwell. But in the midst of my restlessness, I dozed off and on and I had five dreams about you. I am going to make them fairly brief, just try to get to the heart or core of them.

1)The first dream occurred early in the night. It was an image of you and two girls (your daughters?--they seemed to be your daughters). You were dressed in dark robes with hoods and were kneeling beside a "road" at night, in the dark. It looked like a sort of somber, scary scene, very barren, but it was not. Muriel was there, but very ethereal again, almost invisible. But her voice was very clear and plain, she said, "You used to be one of us!" She seemed to be a druid, or druid-like priestess and implication was that you not only were but still are somehow connected and need to renew your spirituality. (I realize this is hard when you are so busy, but I am reporting the dream as I had it).

2)Unfortunately, I have forgotten the second dream. If I remember it later, I will tell you. This is what I remember: I woke up VERY EXCITED because the dream I had was simple, easy to understand, positive, and seemed helpful. It was a good dream, with hopeful implications. That much I know. But I can't remember the details at all.

3)The next dream I remember (I actually think there may have been more before and after this one) was another simple image. It was a white triparate flower--three petals and three stamens (six that were fused into three) and a triparate (three part) pistil. It was dusk, perhaps, getting dark, and the flower glowed from within. The petals were fused along the edges and formed a nearly perfect circle and I heard Muriel saying, "You and your daughters, the mother, the father, the daughter, the holy trinity." The flower was deeply beautiful and the feeling of the dream was one of peace and serenity and hope. Very positive, cheerful and good.

4)The Homework: You were at a university and you were attempting to do some homework. You were in a very large room full of objects (sort of like an old-time store or museum). There was a class going on, but it was not your class, it was another class, and you were the only student left in the room from the previous class, trying to get your work done. Everything was going wrong with everything you tried to do. The dream went on and on and on and very was very depressing and upsetting. The last class of the evening was ending and the professor was getting ready to lock up the room and then the building, but you had not yet completed your work. Nothing was working right. Then, at the last possible moment, when it looked impossible, everything came together and you completed the work. You had also lost a blue jacket with black trim and on your way out, you found it and put it on. Muriel walked out through the columns and through some tunnel-like opening and down some stairs with you talking to you. She said, "There are some lessons you need to learn from this." She seemed to be referring to the dream, to the "homework," and to your current situation in your life. The dream was long and upsetting, but the ending seemed joyous and positive. Muriel was dressed in white and looked like a bride.

5)Finding your way home: This was another long upsetting dream with many details. It also had a homework assignment that seemed to be related to the previous dream. It was later int he night, but almost seemed like a continuation of the earlier dream, only later in time. You were driving a car, alone. You were trying to get home to Uwe, but everything was going wrong and you kept getting lost. At one point, you found yourself driving the wrong way on a two lane one-way road at night, there were cars coming toward you in both lanes with their headlights on and you kept pulling to the side to let them pass--it was an exit from a seaside park and once you got up to a certain spot, there were two parking areas, one above the road and one below. You went into the one above the road because it was closer, but it was full of cars and you had to drive the wrong way through the parking lot against on-coming cars to find a spot. There weren't any for a long time, then you drove past two accidentally, then there weren't any and you finally found one, parked up against a cliff. You were still on your way home to see Uwe, but you needed to go down to the ocean to do a task related to your homework. You walked down a series of two stairways and crossed through a tunnel the road and come out at the ocean. At the ocean side, Muriel was waiting for you, She looked like a bride again, dressed in lacy white with a tiara and cape. She made you kneel and touch the ocean. Once you had done so, she embraced you and you got in your car and drove home to Uwe, without being lost any more. ( It seems that your "homework" has to do with spirituality and getting in touch with the subconscious--perhaps your own dreams! Perhaps there is something that you know that I don't know that would solve your continuing predicament. Or perhaps what you are experiencing is the vicissitudes of life and Muriel is saying that with a deep spiritual connection, you can find your way through the maze of painful incidents in life. I don't know, but those were the dreams.)

I'm not sure these dreams are helpful, except that they seem to indicate a light coming up at the end of the tunnel. I hope that's true and that soon, you will experience a happy, peaceful, healthy, loving productive part of your life.

Love, Mary XOX

(I also have to realize that every dream for Bea has a message in it for me, too!)

I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats