Saturday, December 22, 2007

Eating Rats

We have three packages of meat, and we open eat the first one--it looks like a rat but it tastes okay and we eat it anyway.  One is small and I tell Keith, poking at it, that I don't want to eat it because it looks like a mouse with the fur still on.  The third package looks like a rat and still has its fur, but worst yet, it is still breathing.  It is a very large Norway rat, except it also has some thick, soft--very soft, dense fur on it's tail.  I pick it up and it come to.  It jumps down and runs into the living room.  I think it is hungry and grab a cheery tomato, which it begins to ravenously eat.  I pick it and the tomato up and put them back on the table.  I am wondering frantically what kind of container we can put the rat in until we decide what to do with it.  Meanwhile, I suggest that the rat might like to eat the dead mouse.  Keith starts throwing the mouse at the rat, not to hit it, but to make it available, but the rat is running around the table and Keith keeps missing. Keith seems to be a bit afraid of the rat,  I wasn't at first and picked it up several times, but it is a very large rat and I start being afraid of it.  I wonder if it was a wild rat.  It looks like one!

12-22-07  No dreamwork right now, too much to do.