Sunday, November 27, 2005

In Dreams of Flowers

Dream Roses, photo by Mary Stebbins (click photo to see larger in this and other photos on this blog) Posted by Picasa

Merthiolate Blue

Merthiolate Blue

I want to take a photograph with Merthiolate Blue, a beautiful species of flower. The flowers are shaped like an open 5-pointed star and come in white, pink, and pale blue, but because they are an indicator for the presence of the chemical, merthiolate blue, when that chemical is added to the soil in the right dilution and proportion, the plants grow thickly and abundantly and the flower turn bright, vivid, saturated blue. The blue is between turquoise and royal blue and very brilliantly saturated. The flowers are so thick and abundant that the leaves become invisible. I think the leaves are lanceolate or spatulate. I have a series of ideas for photos using the flower, merthiolate blue, which include placing a frame picture among them and rephotographing it and placing a valued object in the center of a ring of merthiolate blues. I don’t see what the object it, except that perhaps it is roundish and brownish and shiny as if varnished. I am trying to find the flowers and purchase them and locate a supply of the chemical, merthiolate blue and determine the proper dilution. This is a dream I have that repeats with variations at least three times during the night. At certain points, I seem to be succeeding in my efforts and am happy.

When I google merthiolate, I am reminded that it is a vivid pink, not blue. (Merthiolate (hot pink)) In the dream, it was clearly, vividly blue. Here’s one that mention blue: Merthiolate Memories. Graffiti. Donna breathed a lengthy sigh. ... she noticed the arteries in her hands seemed to be an unusually vivid color of blue. But I don’t think the blue here refers to the merthiolate.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dreamscape 3

Dreamscape 2, Photoart by Mary Stebbins. In many of my lucid dreams, the sky and the light was greenish and shadows were clearly evident. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

Autumn at Loretto

Autumn at Loretto, By Mary Stebbins. This is my Mom.

Read about the nightmare of dementia. Posted by Picasa