Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Going to go Eat Worms

“I’m going to go eat worms”

A guy—someone I seem to know—turns into a grey squirrel. The squirrel at one point looks sickly. It seems as if the man turns back and forth from a man to a squirrel and back to a man. A book I am reading has predicted this. I am telling the guy about the book when he is in his human form. In his squirrel form, he skitters around the room or sits on a blanket grooming himself.

At the Village Market, one of the men who works in produce and other areas who has been mean to me in the past is being nice. He offers to let me use his cart to take stuff home. The cart is, in some way, superior to mine. I say I will bring it right back. We are leaning close together and talking like close friends. (It is an intimate but not sexual moment.)

I am eating worms—BIG night crawlers that are chilled in the fridge but still alive—I seem to crave them and they taste good to me. But I don’t like them to warm up and crawl around in my mouth. And it sort of bothers me a little that they are alive. (This was also predicted by that book I read (am reading).) 1/31/2011

* * *

Somehow, this seemed to be all one dream and there were other parts to it, all strange, but this is all I can remember now. (I remembered more when I first woke up, but they faded away before I wrote them down).

What does this make me think of, remind me of?

The eating worms reminds me of the song: “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’m going to go eat worms, long slim slimy ones, short fat juicy ones, fuzzy-wuzzy wuzzy wuzzy worms. Every body likes me, nobody hates me, why’d I eat those worms? The long slim slimy ones, the short fat juicy ones, the fuzzy-wuzzy wuzzy wuzzy worms.” Perhaps I’ve been feeling lonely and friendless lately.

Eating worms also reminds me of the cravings during pregnancy and the cravings I had when I was recovering from my last bout of illness. I was craving grapefruit, red peppers, and other foods (but not worms.) I ate the foods I was craving thinking that I might have depleted certain nutrients during my sickness. In the dream, I was thinking that the worms were good for me (nutritious), besides tasting good. However, being without friends is not good for me!

The Grocery store employee makes me think how I always wish that people I have to deal with (or even just see regularly) would be kind and courteous. After being mean to me once, he has in fact been nice to me several times. (This reminds me of my father—this guy has a small black cloud sometimes.)

The guy who changes to a squirrel reminds me of shamanism and my dream of the madman in the maze/labyrinth. But it also seems like a physical representation of a physical, mental or emotional problem or disease, since the squirrel seemed unhealthy. Some dream dictionary suggestions: Being highly efficient, productive or industrious, Moving too fast, Planning, saving or providing for the future, Hiding something or putting, it in a safe place, squirreling away, A person that is skittish, unpredictable or difficult to handle ...

The book that predicts things may mean that the dream is trying to
tell me something. (Changing back and forth into a squirrel is like
my father changing back and forth from a nice person to a black cloud,
except the squirrel was not a black cloud and did not have a black
cloud, the guy at VM did.)