Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dream about Peter and the DeVries

I had a long, strange complcaited dream about you this morning, just before I woke.  It was a very fluid ever-changing dream, but unfortunately, I now remember only small parts of it.

I dream that my family and I go to a restaurant where we'd never been before and are unlikely to go again, in some strange, faraway, out of the way place.  They are having a special or something and we decide to stop.  We get inside and lo and behold, who should we see but the entire DeVries family standing in line at the buffet.  The line is long and stretches past a parge stone fireplace and you are all looking intently at something on the mantle.  I shush my family and sneak over and place one hand on your shoulder (Peter) and one hand on Jonatha's shoulder (David is between you in line, Charlie behind Jonathan, your parents in front of you).  You turn around to look at me and I laugh delightedly that we are all here in the same place together by some freak accident of fate.  In this part of the dream, we are maybe me 12 or so?, you (Peter) a few years younger.

More stuff happens, I forget, exactly what, but at one point, I am am looking at you and you are standing alone in a blue shirt and khaki pants and look as if you are about 7 years old (younger than earlier).  I feel a great fondness for you/attraction to you and feel strange about it, because you are so young.

I take my food and sit down at a table in a very large room where there is no one else.  I am the first one into the room and choose a large table and am imagining that you and everyone will come sit with me, but the scene cuts to a few minutes later and you and David and Charlie and Jonathan are sitting with Bob and Tom at a table by another large stone fireplace, all the way acorss the room.  As far away as you can get from me.  I am deeply hurt and offended.  It's a boys only table and there is no room at the table for me.

Then I am sitting with my friend Pam who is older than me in "real life" now.  We are both "old ladies" but you are still a child (maybe about 12?).  You are still at the boys table, far across the room, more people have filled the space between us.  You are a boy, you are far away, and you are young and I am so old.  There is this great gap between us that is too far to bridge.  I wake up feeling sad, somewhat bereft.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Ejection Seat

Sara and Erwin are helping Keith and me chaperone a group of teenagers in a foreign country. Sara and Keith go to make some arrangements and are going to meet us back at the piazza, but the teens have a little rebellion and want to go back to the hotel after only a few minutes at the amusement park. Erwin and I agree to take them back but I am upset because I can't get a hold of Sara and Keith to let them know. Then we get lost on the way back to the hotel. I am riding in Erwin's car, which was sort of like his current car, but a convertible with the top down. Erwin pushes a button that activates an ejection seat and sends me catapulting through the air across a wall and into a mansion-like home on a hill. He takes off with the teens to go play. I am shaking hands with people and introducing myself in an embarassed way. None of the well-dressed people at the house seem surprised to see me. They are having a party, there are many guests and I am assumed ot be one of them. It is a huge mansion, though and so many hands to shake. I can't find my way out and had no idea how to get back to Keith and Sara to warn them not to go back to the piazza to meet us.

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