Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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Goat Dream

I dream I am at some man's farm and he says he will let me take a picture of one of his goats, a kid. It is white, with a few gold and grey spots and longish , coarse-looking hair. I want to hold it and tell him how I used to raise goats and how the walked with us and how we used to take them to bed with us (the kids, I explain, not the adults). I say the kid on its back and rub its belly--this seems to soothe it.

Besides the absurdity of taing the goats to bed and laying them on their back and rubbing their bellies, the one thing this makes me think of is working on my goat novel (totally unrelated).

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Niagara at Night

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floods, babies, bicycles

I had a restless night last night, lots of wakefulness, and lots of drems

1)dreamed that the levy was breached and dirty brown flood waters were flowing into the area where I was very rapidly.  I had my car but decided it would be safer to clim up some steep rocky hills rather than try to drive.  Pam was there and I was waiting for her, more and more scared as the waters appproached, torn between waiting for her and hurrying to save myself.  We were bth slow climbing, but she was slower.

2)I dream Scott and I are riding bicycles through narrow curving alleys.  There is more to this dream, but I can't grasp it

3)Babies.  I am at Donna's and she has a new baby and I am holding it and it's blanket keeps falling off.  I keep trying to wrap it up, worrying it will be cold.  (I am cold, too).  The baby is cute.  It can already crawl, though it seems way too yound and small.  Chucks baby appears briefly in the dream.  When the baby messes its diapers, Donna seems to think I will change it but I don't want to.  In the end, I'm on my way home and realize I have left my own baby alone at home, maybe too log.  I am really worried.

I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats